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About Us
After about seven years of operating, "Father's House Of the Children Orphans" has committed to make a difference in many children's lives. Our institution has made great and durable leaps among many Orphans in countries such as Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We have been able to help many children with the opportunity to live a normal life in society far beyond their means. Our main areas of concentration are: Shelter, education, health, hunger, religion, sanitation and safety.
At Father House Of The Children Orphans, we have a nondiscrimination policy. We will not permit any unlawful discrimination on the basis of sex, age, race, color, religion, nationality, origin, disability or any other bias prohibited by the law.



At Father's House Of the Children Orphans, our mission is to achieve the integration of orphans and abandoned children from country such as Haiti and the Dominican Republic at large by creating a family oriented environment to ensure them  better future.


Father's house Of The Children Orphans vision is to

  • Work to provide a safe place for the children's shelter, education, health, sanitary, nutrition and religion

  • Provide the children with 3 meals daily

  • guaranty each child an environment that facilitates their development psychologically, emotionally and physically

  • Implement a program for food security in order to fight hunger by the year of 2023

  • Work to improve the social-economic life of our children

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